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The Art of The Prefix in English

In this ESL grammar lesson we’re going to look at these prefixes, how they work, and what they can mean in your conversations so you know how to use them properly.

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How to Vent in English

Do you like to vent a lot when you have problems? Are you good at expressing your frustration in English?

Do you hear people talking about venting a lot in English?

There are so many different thoughts about venting, and we’re going to look at those today.

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What You Can Learn About English From a Farmer

Are you an urban dweller or have you ever lived on or around a farm?

If you’re like many people, then you may have very limited exposure to farm life.

You might not realize though that there are many phrases in English that originate from life on a farm.

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How Do You Walk? How Do You Speak? Own It!

Do you have any distinguishing features about the way that you move?

Have you ever considered if you have anything unique about the way that you speak?

Do you wish to have a certain speaking style in English?

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The Typical American College Experience

Do you ever think about your old college days?

Do you ever hear people talking about their college experience in the US?

This is a big topic of conversation in English, and so you want to know how to become a part of that.

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Challenge Yourself to Use This Word in English Naturally

What is something that challenges you?

Do you like to be challenged or does this frustrate you?

We’re going to look at the word “challenge” and how it can be used, and what it means in different contexts.

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Get On Board with a Charity Challenge

There are so many different charities and causes out there, and you may want to figure out which one works best for you.

We’re going to look at some of the biggest causes that went viral, how to talk about being involved with a great charity, and why this all matters.

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Are You an All Ears English Nut?

Have you ever heard somebody say “in a nutshell” in English?

Are there phrases like this that you just can’t seem to understand?

There are phrases that feature a word about food that actually have nothing to do with that food.

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Are You Good at Keeping in Touch?

Are you good at keeping in touch with others?

Do you feel that sometimes you lose touch without meaning to?

If you have trouble keeping in touch with people, you are not alone.

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How Being a Teacher Can Help You Be a Student

Everyone has different ways of learning and mastering English.

We’re going to look at how an expert in the field, Jan Folmer, has really become such an incredible English speaker.

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How To Go With the Flow in English

What do bridges and wind have in common?

Both are parts of idioms that we use to describe flexibility.

We’re going to learn how to talk about your flexibility, and why this is such an important part of conversation.

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Define Your Goals Before Time Runs Out

Do you have goals when it comes to learning to speak English?

Do you have a path that will help you to get to where you want to be?

Goals are such an important part of life, and therefore it’s important to put great thought into them.

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How to Get to a Deeper Level in English with 3 Core Questions

Have you ever wanted to take your conversations a bit deeper in English?

Have you wanted to really connect with somebody you were talking to on a deeper level?

It may be a matter of asking the right questions or knowing how to get somebody to talk more.

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How to Show Confidence When You Accept a Task in English

Have you heard somebody say the phrase “will do” in English?

Does this phrase and others like it seem a bit unnecessary in conversation?

Phrases like this are all about showing confidence and that you understand what is being asked of you.

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3 Pronunciation Don’ts with Esther Bruhl

Do you ever feel that your English pronunciation has held you back in your life?

Has this been a struggle for you in English?

If you want to learn how to really master your English and ensure that it helps you and doesn’t hurt you, then you have to focus on pronunciation.

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